Thursday, September 01, 2005

Don't have a lot to say today nor much time for blogging. Today was a little better than yesterday. I'm learning a little more about how t o be their teacher and they're learning a little more about how to be my students. I tried to keep on my students that seem to always be zoned out and in their own little world and they did a little better today. With one of them when I'm doing exercises I've started saying "Richie*, I'm going to call on you after the next person so be ready to answer." As long as I address him pretty regularly it seems to help overall with his not zoning out as much...although he still does it. We read our first chapter of Ramona Quimby, Age 8 today too. I think they like's kinda hard to tell.

Don't really have any amusing stories today...well one student, my little attention-seeker, at one point told me "My head hurts and when my head hurts it makes me feel like hitting someone." Then she kind of slowly pounded her fist into her palm a few times for emphasis. I told her to cut it out and do the assignment.

Tomorrow I'm taking my guitar. That should be fun.

* real name not used


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