Wednesday, September 07, 2005

So, I had my first parent teacher conference today. It's over...I'm fired.

Seriously went really well. The mom was a polite, caring parent who was mainly concerned about one of the student's subjects that I don't even teach.

In other news apparently we've got a bunch of kids out with a puke-your-guts-out-while-bowing-at-the-porcelain-alter-for-24-hours-straight stomach bug. This morning a kid threw up in morning assembly. Luckily, I was up front with my little pledge leaders supervising the leading of the pledge so I didn't get to witness it. Apparently it splattered on several other kids and a girl's lunch...that hard gym floor and all. Sure hope I don't get it seeing as how I haven't even set up a substitute teacher plan yet. Maybe I should do that.

My class was incredibly well behaved for the first part of the day but they kinda crashed and burned right before lunch and it got worse from there. It's a start I guess. I feel like I'm starting to crack a couple of tough nuts in there though. That's a good feeling. Things really do feel like they're coming together.

Oh yeah, today was progress reports day. With the help of my coworker we were able to get the progress reports and the graded work that the kids take home all together in a mad flurry of papers and take-home folders just in time. Feels good to have that outta the way.

Also I got home at about 5:20 today. That's an improvement from yesterday too. Next week we're having a special parent night just for my class since I wasn't teaching yet when we had the first parent night. That's good despite having to be up at the school for a while that night...I'll be glad to meet some parents and whatnot.



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