Monday, October 10, 2005

Today was the parent conference day all day. Every single one of my parents that were scheduled for a conference showed up. That's great. Another teacher already had 5 no-shows before lunch.

The conferences went well. It was good to meet some parents that I hadn't yet met and hear some info that i wasn't aware of about some students. Some of the things I was told were kind of sad. I have so much to do this week. Lots and lots of grading to do which means staying late until it's done. Stinkage.

I talked to my little space cadet's mother today. Apparently he used to be a straight A student who was really involved until some things happened in his life and he completely changed. I feel for him. He definitely seems like a kid who needs some love and attention and yet he's not the type that seems to always be begging for attention. He's a sweet kid. They're talking about moving back to another school district soon. That's a shame...he doesn't need any more major change in my opinion and I'd rather him stay here where we are really trying hard to work with him and get him on track.

I have two kids who think they're boyfriend and girlfriend. One day the girl told me that the boy "loves her." I discourage that kind of junk...this is freaking fourth grade, not the Dating Game. The boy's mom already knew about it because apparently he talks about his "girlfriend" all the time. The girl's mom had no idea and she's super-protective to begin with. Both parents wanted them separated so I moved his desk away from hers before the day was over. They talk too much anyway.



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