Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I really need to get more organized at school. My desk is starting to look like a junk yard (which I'm sure is not surprising to all who know me). I need to get it together before I become one of those teachers who tells students he lost their papers but it turns out that they're just buried in his desk (the papers, not the students). There's just not enough time in the day. Maybe I'll invest in a time machine.

So this new student today is still trying to show us all how smart she is. She was trying to teach the class reading strategies (that I've covered several times) today during our reading time. Also, she told the class that she'd already read this book we're reading "like ten times." Then during science I pulled out a balance because we were studying density and she again pulled out the "we used one of those in like, first grade." I understand...she's new and just trying to impress people but I hope she gets past that phase like, quickly.

Some of these kids are so far behind in this weekly writing they're supposed to be doing even though I've been telling them for three weeks that they need to be to a certain point by this Friday. I've decided that anyone who isn't there by Friday isn't going to get to go to the big high school pep rally Friday morning. Rah.

One of the other teachers is just refusing to wear his long sleeves and tie this week because it's been so incredibly hot out. If only I weren't a first year maybe I'd have the nerve to stick it to the man like that too. Down with the necknoose! Apparently though he sweats like a glass of ice water in Houston on the 4th of July so if someone called him on it he could probably claim some kind of medical reason.

There's so much stuff I still don't know about teaching and teaching specifically at my school. It seems like weekly I get told something new about a requirement or something I need to be teaching that I'm not. Oh well, as long as I teach them how to steal stuff they can make a living and it'll all be worth it. Now...where's my pen...



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