Friday, September 23, 2005

I hate having a runny nose. Still don't know if this is allergies or a cold but I do know that I have a faucet on my nose that seems to have a constant flow of non-Newtonian fluids (See yesterday's post if you don't know what that means). The sudafed helped this morning but it didn't seem to help so much this afternoon.

We had a good day today I think. We finished up our non-Newtonian fluids activities by having a "Science Conference" on it. I was calling the substance "Ooblek" for the purposes of the activities and we decided on some "Laws of Ooblek" that everyone could agree on. It was a great practice in experiments and the scientific method IMO.

So yesterday we had a tornado drill. I thought that would be it for drills for a while but this morning we had a fire drill. It went well but it's always kind of a pain because that means less time for one class and more time for the other class who didn't have the drill so things get off.

Yesterday I got the denim shirt with the embroidered logo that I spoke about before. Why did I order this thing again? Oh yeah, conformity...wonderful conformity. Today I received a black polo shirt that I ordered. I don't own any other polos but at least I can wear that on least that's another day without a tie. I've whittled it down to three tie days now.

Today my little space cadet made me laugh again when I should have been telling him to quit it. We're in the middle of taking a spelling test and I look over and he's taking his test with an open folder on his head as if nothing is abnormal. It's weird because the other kids seem to pay him no mind...they must be used to this kind of stuff from him. It wasn't really that funny but the kid himself is just funny.

Today I thought my class was going to make it through the day with only two names on the board, thus qualifying for their first step towards a class reward...I really, really thought they were going to do it and I wanted them to. I was being more lenient then usual as we got closer but then these two were just clowning around with each other during the spelling test. I warned them and warned them and gave them chances to quit and they wouldn't so their names went on the board with only 9 minutes left in their time with disappointing. So close..

Maybe next time...probably not..


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