Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another fairly rough day behavior-wise today. I really had to crack down and get mean a couple of times.

I started out the day though by stopping by Wal-Mart and buying a Spongebob Squarepants necktie. I have to wear a tie every day (as you know if you read my diatribe about it) so I decided to make it fun. The kids dug it. I would hear them whispering to each other "He's got a spongebob tie" and then they'd come up and say "Do you like Spongebob?!" It was funny.

Today my partner teacher, the one that teaches my kids math, was out and she had a sub. He was substituting today for the first time ever. Apparently my kids were taking advantage of the situation because one of the other teachers came in after they got back to my class and chewed them out. From what he said before I met them and when they were coming down the hall with the sub they were just going ballistic in the hallway. So I made them sit inside during half of recess. Also today I had a bunch of kids that didn't turn in their spelling homework. I put all their names up on the overhead and was calling them out when the principal walked in. After that she ripped them a new one about not doing their homework. They got thoroughly raked over the coals today I guess you could say.

One thing I've been trying to do with some of the more misbehavior-prone kids is after I dole out the consequences I try to converse with or work with them on something very neutral in a helpful way so that they know that it's not personal and that it's truly just a case of consequences that naturally follow bad decisions and not me "hating on them" or something. I've been making headway with one kid (the snot rocketeer from yesterday) doing this kind of thing. Last year this kid wouldn't work for his teacher much at all but he's been working pretty well for me so far.

Today we were talking about economics in social studies. It went really well. Things were really clicking and these examples were just popping into my head that the kids seemed to really connect with. Even my little space cadet was getting into it. It was really amazing.

Tonight we had the parents' night for my class. It went well but I wish more parents would have shown up. It was great talking to and meeting the parents and I hope I didn't come off like some slacker cad who's just starting his first year of teaching. One thing I did was put out a piece of paper and markers at each kid's desk so the parents could leave them a message to find tomorrow. Most of them did and some of the messages were kind of funny. It was freakin' hot in my classroom though. It faces west and has two big windows and I think someone forgot to tell whoever controls the A/C to keep it on into the evening. I was sweating like crazy.

Tomorrow's Friday but I don't think I'm going to take my guitar. I just haven't had time to work anything up and we really don't have time as I'm way behind in social studies and we're supposed to start science on Monday. I know that the other class I teach reading and social studies to is going to be especially disappointed but oh well.

I'm tired, I'm out. GOOD NIGHT NOW!!


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