Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My class did not have such a good day today. Just seemed to be having a hard time following directions and keeping from chatting. There was some negativity too with fingerpointing and bickering during a group project. Personally I had a pretty good day but that part of dealing with behavior isn't so fun and definitely puts a damper on things. Also, the principal had to tell my class to be quiet when I was waiting for them to get lined up to leave the cafeteria. That's kind of embarrassing for me that I didn't have them doing better than that.

Still trying to get things cleaned up and together for my special little parents' night on Thursday. The kids are still digging the group project thing (despite my homeroom class not working together so well in two of the groups).

Got some really great news after work today. The HR lady wanted to meet with me and she informed me that the district will be paying for the rest of my (sizable) fees that I still have to pay to the people who trained me to be a teacher. It's really an incredible blessing. They said that they got these grants approved for 5 teachers that came from alternative certification programs. They'd already filled those five positions and had me and another lady beyond that which made seven and they got approval to give us the grants too. I was blown away because I was going to be paying that off with pretty substantial payments every month for ten months. That made my afternoon. My wife needs a new car and we just found our payments.

Well, that's about all. Sorry I don't have any funny stories today. It just wasn't really a "funny" day I guess.


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