Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Today went pretty well. We still had lots of names on the board but whatever.

Today was kind of a weird parent day. A parent sent a note this morning unhappy about my going-to-the-bathroom during class policy and also quite sure that her daughter wasn't actually talking yesterday during silent reading time when I saw her talking and then put her name on the board. So many parents get a severely edited story from their kids and are quite sure their child is telling them everything.

I also got another note from a parent that was just bizarre but that I won't share. Even though I keep myself, the school I work at and my kids anonymous I think this is the kind of parent who would try and sue or something if he somehow stumbled across my blog and recognized himself. I know it's unlikely but better safe than sorry. Let's just say though that sometimes parents leave no question as to where their children get their immaturity and stubbornness. The weird thing about that letter is not only was it flat-out bizarre, it was also enouraging.

Speaking of bizarre, I noticed that there's a boy in one of the younger grades whose bangs are cut into a weird looking widows peak that goes down to where his eyebrows meet. It's weird...there's no way that kid chose that haircut himself. It's straight Eddie Munster. I hate when odd parents get their kid's hair cut in weird ways.

One of my students is moving far away out of state and today was her last day. During the last 15 minutes of writing time I let them write her going-away cards. When most people were done one girl looks at her card and goes "Oh, Mr. Teacher, um, I accidentally made a birthday card." Huh?! Sure enough she made a birthday card instead of a going away card. I don't know if she didn't understand or had a brain fart or what. Weird.

At the end of school when I had them all lined up to go home all the girls were hugging this girl goodbye and she says "Mr. Teacher, everyone has hugged me now except you," (I was gettin' there!) so I hugged her. Then when the bell rang on the way out of the room she blew me a kiss. I don't know if that was a departing confession of love or 4th grade sarcasm. Neither is desirable.

This morning another kid blew chunks during morning assembly. A teacher got him up and walking quickly out. I could see his path went right by me and the whole time I was just cringing and knowing that he was gonna blow again when he was right in front of me. Luckily he didn't.

Well, those are my highlights. Later.


At 5:21 PM, Blogger DSD said...

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At 5:22 PM, Blogger ADRENALINE JUNKIE. said...

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At 5:27 PM, Blogger Childress said...

Let's have some constructive criticism here, mostly because I'm bored. I think that a High School Freshman could provide some insight to the whole "names on the board" thing now that he's 5 years past that age. I hope I don't offend you here, because I'm just trying to help.

When I was that age, I was like, Mr. Perfect. I don't know why. I don't know how I did it, at least looking back on it now. I was one of maybe 4 (out of approximately 25) kids in my class who would actually cry if my name was on the board.

Seriously, though. Looking back on it now, why the crap does it matter if someone writes your name on the board? Who cares. Then what happens? You're blacklisted for life, never to get a job or be accepted into an Ivy League University? Seriously, how can you not step back and laugh here?

On another note, as an observant person, I find that people in my class are pretty quiet when they are busy or have a dynamite teacher that keeps them involved. I have noticed that in my most difficult class, Advanced Algebra 1, it is most quiet, mostly because he treats us with a level of respect that not all of my teachers give.

Anyways, hollllllaback and I hope that I helped in some smart alecky way.


At 7:57 PM, Blogger DigMe said...


Getting one's name on the board and then checks by it is associated with increasing consequences. Name is warning, one check is ten minutes out of recess, 2 checks is lose entire recess, 3 checks is call a parent, 4 is principal's office.

Anyway, I do step back and laugh at it. I think my kids like me and we have fun. They're just not good with transitioning from fun to "time to be quiet when we walk down the hall" and things like that. The other class I teach is much better at it and we tend to have more fun. I'm about to institute a more extensive rewards system too and try to focus more on "positive consequences."

I also focus a lot on keeping them actively learning and I try to make it as fun as possible. A lot of it just plain comes down to the personality of the class.


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