Friday, September 16, 2005

Today a student gave me an apple.

I thought that was just a stereotype but I guess it really happens. Either that or it is a stereotype and the student bought into it. Either way it was nice though. He's a good kid. As I said last night I left pieces of paper out at parents' night for them to leave notes for their kids. Then I got to thinking this morning that a lot of kids might feel left out or something because their parents didn't come (or in one case this girls dad wasn't the least bit interested in leaving his daughter any kind of encouraging message) so I wrote a note from me for all the kids who didn't have one. Then this morning the girl who's dad was there but didn't leave her a note goes "Mr. Blank, who wrote this?" as she held up the paper that was clearly signed "Mr. Blank" at the bottom. I pointed that out and she said "well some people are saying it's from their parents." Ho hum..they just didn't get it I guess.

My space cadet kid reminds me of myself more every day. He does things that I should be punishing him for but I find myself laughing at his antics. I was like that at his age. I was out of control in my high school chemistry class and I had this teacher who would try really hard not to laugh and he would try to get mad at me but you could tell he was straining his cheek muscles to try and stop the smile. I did some atrocious things in there and never got in trouble.

Today was grandparents day at the school. I was really amazed at how many of my kids' grandparents showed up for lunch. It was more than the number of parents who showed up for my parents' night. It's amazing to me that some of my 4th grade students' parents are my ageor even younger. I don't even have kids yet myself. I can't imagine having had kids 8 or 9 years ago. Wow..

Well, I'm out. I would be really looking forward to the weekend but tomorrow I have to go sit in an all-day mandatory review for the upcoming second half of my teacher certification test.



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