Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I got a new student today. She came from Arizona. I think her family came here to flee the hurricane.

Today I asked the class a question and then I asked her if she'd already learned that. She said "Yeah, we learned that in like 1st grade!"

Oh, ok, Doogie, I'll mark you down for "extra large" when we pass out hats.

Anyway, that's going ok so far but I hope this transition thing is fairly seamless for both of us.

The class had a bad day today..they were just outta control so I had to kind of be in stern mode. Still though we had fun. I did an experiment where I put a couple of alk-seltzer tablets in a cup of water and then covered the top with a surgical glove (to show them that gas can take up space). They loved watching the glove fill with gas. Of course after that they wanted me to put more alka-seltzer in so we did 4 and they got a kick out of watching the glove fill up really big and then shoot off the top of the cup.

We had a test today over the first half of the book we're reading. I fear I made it too easy. In my class the grades were all really high and in my partner's class that comes to me for reading even this girl who seems really clueless made a B. I thought for sure she'd bomb it. Either it was too easy or I spent too much time going over the material. Not that I want them to fail but if it's too easy they aren't challenged and yadda yadda...

Progress reports went home today. That's always a mad dash during my conference period to try and get those printed out and ready to go. Good thing I didn't actually have any conferences scheduled during that conference period.

Friday all the 4th grade students get to take a little trip over to the high school and attend a pep rally. They're all really excited. I'm pretty cynical about pep rallies and the like myself but I'll try and muster some fake enthusiasm when the time comes I guess. Go team. Rah or something.



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Those Arizona hurricanes are monsters!!!!




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