Thursday, October 06, 2005

So this morning I finally had a kid from MY homeroom blow chunks during morning assembly. Great...I hope I don't get it. Luckily it was just a little bit.

Today just got off to a bad start in general. This morning after the throw-up we went back to my class and when I asked them to turn in their homework 7 different people didn't have it. Well, yesterday it was a similar number so I'd emailed the principal and told her that if she'd like to drop by I'm sure my class would LOVE to hear her thoughts on the topic of not doing your homework. She stopped by today and told those 7 kids that they had to come to her office during PE. She did the same thing for every 4th grade class. She ended up making them all sit in the cafeteria with their heads down during PE.

Actual class time went pretty well today. During reading we read a story about how the NCAA is banning Native American logos and mascots during post season games. We read two opinions on it and the kids then decided what their opinion was and gave reasons to back it up. There were some surprisingly good reasons given for both sides.

The kids had a good time during english too I think.

This afternoon though I was teaching when they came on the intercom and said "Would the owner of a blue ________ car please call the office?" So I called. I had a flat tire. A while back I ran over a mesquite thorn out at my family's land. The thorn was in the tire and I was aware of it but it was acting like a cork basically...keeping the air in. I was hoping it would hold until I get new tires (soon). It didn't. Today the "cork" popped out and left a good-sized hole. I tried to air it up with my compressor so I could get it to Wal-Mart for a patch but it wouldn't hold air long enough so I had to change it. Oh well...I have a full-sized spare. Hopefully that will last me until I can buy some new tires in a little over a week or so. We just bought my wife a new car so I don't really have the jack to buy new tires at this time. Maybe it's coincidence but I've had what seems like an unusually high number of flat tires since I bought these Yokohama Geolander tires (almost 60,000 miles ago).

Well, that's about all I've got today.

PS - BTW, if you read this and don't know me and would like to email me for any reason I now have an email address available in my profile. If you do know me please continue to use my old email address.


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