Monday, October 03, 2005

Another week. It was refreshing to come in this Monday morning and already have my entire lesson plan for the week completed and all my copies made. That's nice.

Today we watched a short video on Heat, Energy and Temperature. We were talking about it afterward and it's funny how kids think about things. Even after that video I asked if anyone knew how mittens keep your hands warm and one girl still thinks that the heat transfers from the mittens to your hands.

In writing today we started writing in our journal about dreams and accomplishing your dreams. We were brainstorming on some things you could write and some of their dreams were kinda unrealistic. I heard "world peace" and "end world hunger." Then another kid's dream was to "end all poaching." I don't know if he was including eggs in that or if he was just talking about animals ("From this day forth I declare that the simmering of eggs shall no longer plague this land!!").

I had a kid who told me his stomach hurt this morning and it wasn't getting better so I sent him to the nurse. We went to lunch and came back and he comes bouncing into class with a smile on his face maybe an hour and 15 minutes or so after I sent him to the nurse and she'd written on the nurse's form "felt better after nap." Well...I imagine so. I think I would have felt better after a nap too. Soon though he says "Hey, did ya'll go to lunch?" Apparently he slept through lunch so I had to send him back down to the nurse so she could find him something to eat.

One of my other kids just recently got some kind of dental retainer. I can't understand half of what he says now. It's all spit and slurs. Poor kid. He's constantly sticking his fingers in his mouth and playing with it too. No one ever accused 4th graders of being sanitary.

I'm out. Later.


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