Friday, August 18, 2006

The first two days have gone very well. Yesterday there was an incident that was a little sad though. I was asking the kids in the other class that I trade with to each tell me something interesting about themselves. One kid raised his hand and said "My mom said that some day we'll move into an apartment with air-conditioning." The highs around here have been over 100 degrees for the last few days. I can't imagine... He then said "Last week my dad got paid and he took my sister and I somewhere." I said "Where'd he take you?" (in hindsight I shouldn't have asked) He said "Long John Silver's."

Yeseterday the girl that sits next to my super-hyper kid raised her hand and said "He called me a dead cow somethingorother" (didn't catch the last part but it was pretty creative). The hyper kid immediately said "I DIDN'T SAY THAT!!" I looked at him and said "So she raised her hand so she could lie about you calling her a dead cow somethingorother?" He looked at me for a minute and then lowered his head and said "I said it."

He's always bothering this poor, sweet little girl that sits next to him. I may have to move him so he's not sitting next to anyone.

Anyway, two good days so far.


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