Friday, May 26, 2006

Thursday we went skating with the entire 4th grade as our end-of-year party. It was really a blast. I got some inline skates and the kids were pretty impressed with my skating skills. I used to play roller hockey. The kids were pretty funny though. Just stopping by falling down or running into someone. Most of the songs were "Thriller."

At one point they played the Foo Fighters' song "My Hero" that has a chorus that sings "There goes my hero, watch him as he goes!" I told a couple of my coworkers that some of the kids requested the song as a dedication to me. Later on I suddenly hear the DJ say "Where is Mr. ____?!"(me) Then he said "Here's a song dedicated to you from the students." The song was the ultra-cheesy "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago. Of course, it was my coworkers that had them play it.

Clearly they are jealous.


At 7:02 AM, Blogger Steph Dawe said...

dude, no need to ham it up for us. we know you're cool.

'cos hey, you're Mr Qintar!

ok, i'm kidding.


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