Monday, April 03, 2006

Today was kind of odd. It started out this morning by one of the teachers telling me that Friday afternoon they found a curse word written in feces on the bathroom wall. One of my kids is a prime suspect. I think he was trying to convey his feelings towards his math teacher. Great. That gives a whole new meaning to "talking out of your butt."

Then this morning we were working on standardized test practice stuff in class, nothing out of the ordinary, when one of my kids called me over. He said "I think I got a little nervous and I had an accident." Oops. The poor guy had wet his pants right there in the classroom. I tried to be as discrete as possible about getting him out of the class but I think some of the other kids saw. Luckily he's in a class that is really pretty sensitive as a whole. That's good because he's a pretty anxious kid. I felt bad for him. He left a puddle in the chair.

Remember my boy who wrote the story about kissing a boy from the viewpoint of a girl and then made some other boys mad by blowing kisses at them? I found out today that he wants to be in the Navy.

Well, that's about all I've got. Later.


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