Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oops, forgot to post yesterday. I had some story or something I wanted to share too but now I forgot what it was. Maybe it'll come back to me.

Today was ok. This morning we went to the computer lab. These kids are incapable of clicking on a folder without accidentally moving that folder into another folder. They did that with the 4th grade networked folders like 3 times this morning. That was getting old. Then when I had them pull up clip art to put into our powerpoint presentation 5 or 6 of the computers froze up. Annoying.

I forgot that it was my day on duty to go out and watch the kids during recess. We've had a cold front this week and it was cold and windy out there and I only had a thin jacket on. I cut recess short by almost half the time. The aide that was with me and I were freezing.

Today was report card day. That always makes for a super-hectic conference period. I always barely get everything together and out but I somehow manage.

This morning I made sure to stand far away from the teacher who I mentioned in my last post. I could still smell her though...


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