Thursday, February 23, 2006

So today we are reading about finding clues from fossils. We get to the part about "ancient organisms" and one of my sweet ten year old students says "ancient orgasms." I just corrected her and moved on. I really hope that was a misread that happened to come off like that and not a Freudian slip!!

Later in a related exercise I gave them an illustration of several fossilized dinosaur footprints and had them make observations and come up with the story of what they think happened. I overheard one kid say "I think this one probably at that one.." and then " I don't know, I just get the feeling that something tragic happened here." That gave me a chuckle. Kind of reminds me of something that psychic midget from Poltergeist would say.

My class was a bit better behaved today despite some 3 of them throwing food in the cafeteria. In the early part of the day they got in line quietly and cooperatively and were somewhat calm. That's a big difference from usual. It got looser as the day went on but still better than the past few weeks for sure.

Ok, I'm out.


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