Monday, February 13, 2006

The kids still seem to be in the same mode as last week. Lots of talking, not listening etc... I hope this doesn't last until the end of the school year.

Today we made Valentine's Day bags. Tomorrow they get to trade Valentines. I hope I don't have any people leaving kids out, writing ugly things on someone's card or writing actual "love notes" to each other. Even while hoping those things don't happen I'm guessing that all three probably will.

I made my Valentine's cards for the kids today. They're pretty dumb but the kids might find them funny. You wouldn't understand them at all because it's sort of an inside joke.

I'm getting observed by my principal next week. It's kind of weird. The people who trained me said when they send an observer don't put on a dog and pony show. Just teach as normal. When the vice principal came to observe me last semester I assumed the same went for her. It turned out though that they basically DO want a dog and pony show because they have to check off that you're doing all this stuff so they want you to do it all. So now I have to plan my dog and pony extravaganza for next Wednesday.

My days have been seemingly twice as busy over the past two weeks as they were before that period. I hope it slows down soon. There is just one thing after another. I had about zero free time today and my conference period and their recess seemed to be my busiest time of the day.

Well, I've gotta go now. I need to go wash my dog...maybe I'll groom the pony after that.


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