Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Here's a departure from the norm. My friend, who shall remain nameless for the sake of my anonymity but whom we'll call "Smarties," has "tagged" me with this list of fours thing. At least I think it was me he tagged, there was just a last initial. So I'm supposed to fill out this list of 4 of this and 4 of that I think so here it is - an exercise in pure narcissism..then again, that's what a blog is anyway right?

Four jobs I’ve had,
1. McDonalds
2. 12 Hour night shifts building computers on an assembly line
3. Mail delivery dude for the mail service at a large university
4. Social worker at a middle school

Four movies I’d watch on repeat,
1. Bottle Rocket – enough said…
2. Office Space
3. American Movie - documentary bliss
4. Raising Arizona (and most other Coen brothers movies)
(there are so many more I could put on this list..those are the ones that pop into my head now)

Four TV shows I love,
1. The Office – it took me a little but to get used to the American version after seeing the brilliance of the British version, but now I am on board 100%.
2. The Amazing Race
3. News Radio (syndication anyone?!)
4. Dancing With the Stars (OMG, OMG, George Hamilton!) Not really.

Four vacation spots I’d love to frequent,
1. Northern California (spent the summer of 98 there and then my honeymoon)
2. Chiang Mai, Thailand (lush, mountainous beauty)
3. Italy and Greece (so close together they count as one)
4. Hearne

Four websites I visit daily,
1. my favorite bass player's message board
2. my favorite coffee message board
3. my favorite guns/shooting message board
4. another message board that is just too darn geeky to mention
(Yeah, I like message boards)

Four radio talk shows I love
(my friend added this category)
1. Jim Rome (sports/humor talk) - He can be hard to get used to but he always says give him two weeks before you decide. If you listen in the summer when I'm not teaching and you might hear some of my emails. I get read pretty regularly on his show.
2. I used to listen to some of the political dudes but now it's mostly music.
3. Oh yeah, Coast to Coast is good for a chuckle.

Four foods I lust for (I don’t know if I actually lust for these foods, but I do really enjoy them.),
1. IN-N-OUT Burger
2. REAL Chinese food
3. Good Thai food
4. I love coffee
(I could really just put "All food" in that category. Personally I love the stuff, I salute food's entire catalog.)

Four changes to my house, (I assume this means 4 things that I want to change about my house. What a strange category.)
1. Tile floors
2. Different paint and fixtures in the master bath
3. Trees in the yard
4. A usable freaking attic!

Four beers I like, (Don't like beer)

Four artists I like, (a category "Smarties" added)
1. Van Gogh
2. Bryan R. Tyler (
3. Picasso
4. Whatever Peruvian peasant painted this picture in my dining room. I call it "Fat woman holding flowers."

Four tags (i.e. tag you’re it, meaning this is where I list people that I would enjoy reading their four list.) I don't know many people with blogs.
1. Estefania (fer real, dawg)
2. Vic Nelson (hey, you have a blog)
3. Dubya
4. Robert Fripp (let's hear it, Bobby!)

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


At 6:15 PM, Blogger Steph Dawe said...

Aww, I got tagged again. Oh well, gives me something to do!

*tags away*


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