Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Today was kinda rough again but ended up on a better note. They were doing more of the testing. I think my class and I just kind of need that break from each other every day that we usually get when they go to math and that we don't get when they take these tests. Also, being cooped up in the classroom all day probably doesn't help.

They love it when I do this thing where I say "Whoever is most quiet and still can line up first." Then they all try to be as still as possible but I try to make them laugh so they can't be still. Those who resist the laughter can get in line. That's why we ended on a good note today I think. They were really getting a kick out of me making up songs with their names etc... Some of them do some strange things to try and keep from laughing though. Two of them were cross-eyed so they couldn't see me clearly. One had his head stuffed down in his sweatshirt. It's a fun, light time together where we can all laugh though. Some of them don't try not to laugh at all. It's a fun, light time to laugh together though and that's always good for easing things up.

Still had several with no homework today.

Had tutoring after school today. During that time I get to experience first-hand all these wonderful students that the other teachers are always I mean bragging about. A couple of them are definitely a handful. It went pretty well though. If they can just take one nugget away from my tutoring that will be great and I think they are.

One of my students has this little brother who comes in after school every day and talks to me. He's a sweet little kid but the poor guy has some kind of speech issue and I can't understand half of what he says. Today he's just talking along and then he walks off. One of my students looks at me and says "I didn't understand a thing he said." I just responded with "Me neither, buddy. Me neither." I guess they think I understand because I nod and say "Uh-huh."



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