Thursday, December 15, 2005

As we get closer to the holidays it seems like it gets harder to make myself update this every day.

Today was kinda hectic in the end. The 4th graders are putting on a holiday musical and they performed it for the school this afternoon and they're doing it again tonight. I have to go up there.

I don't think there's been much of note in the last two days.

One day one of my kids came in from the other class and they say down and another kid goes "Hey, Valerie, what happened to your eye?" Some other kids piped in with "yeah, what happened? Did you get hit?"

I looked over at Valerie and I could see exactly what happened - she apparently had a collision with a makeup truck. Yup...this 4th grader decided to wear makeup and thus the blackeye look. It was funny. The kids thought she had a black eye. She was emarrassed I could tell. Who needs to be wearing makeup in the 4th grade anyway?!

She's always struck me as one of those kids who's trying to grow up too fast. There's another 4th grader who obviously plucks her eyebrows...or has someone pluck them for her rather. I'm quite sure she didn't just decide to start plucking her eyebrows on her own one day. It looks horrible though IMO. I wonder if she'll have any left by the time she's grown up.

I revealed to the kids today who wouldn't be able to attend the celebration day tomorrow as a result of too much missing homework, etc.. The ones who aren't allowed to attend were digging as hard as they could to find some reason that I was mistaken. Poor kids.

4 school days left until Christmas break! Woo hooo!


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