Monday, November 28, 2005

Had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you did too.

Today was probably kind of a typical day after a holiday kind of day. The kids seemed kind of drowsy this morning and they seemed to have forgotten basic classroom procedures.

This morning I read them a book that was the story of the bluebonnet from native american legend. The girl in the story is named "She-who-is-alone" and is later renamed "One-who-loves-her-people." Afterwards I had the kids come up with their own similar names for themselves based on their accomplishments or interests. I had some kinda funny ones. One was "She-who-is-smart," because "I always make good grades and I'm smart." Another was "He-who-loves-wrestling," because "I like wrestling and I watch it too much." We're talking WWE professional wrestling here. There were some others that made me chuckle but now I can't recall them unfortunately. There were lots of "He-who-likes-football" and "She-who-likes-soccer" types.

Today we continued writing in our weekly writing journal. We're going through topics and each one starts with a different letter of the alphabet. This week's letter is 'J'. After they write at least one page about the assigned topic they can think of some good character trait that also starts with that letter and write about. Today one of my students wrote his one page and then came up to me and asked "On the second page can I write about 'Jet packs are really awesome!'?" Huh? I asked him if "Jet packs are really awesome!" is a good character trait.

Today wasn't so good at the end. My students did horrible on their test that measures whether or not they've learned the social studies that we're supposed to teach them. The principal talked to me about it this afternoon. That's never a good feeling. I'm sure they'll do better on all the next ones though. I'm a better teacher now for sure...still have a long way to go but I'm definitely better than I was 2 and a half months ago. It's kind of embarrassing though.

Well, dinner's ready. Gotta go. Later!


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