Saturday, November 19, 2005

Wow, I'm really bad at getting these Friday posts up aren't I? Either I just don't have time or (as was the case yesterday) I just forget.

Friday was good. We started this new method of learning english and grammar. It involves a lot of songs that teach rules. The kids love those and it went well. The only thing is that when we do these kinds of things that are a little more fun the kids just kind of lose it and go crazy. I think I'm going to just have to institute zero tolerance for talking during this time. Maybe they'll learn to not go crazy if we do that. I'm also thinking about breaking up the desk groupings and arranging them so that there are only 4 desks/students to a group. That might help too.

Two day week next week! Woohoo! That makes lesson-planning easy, although I've already started lesson-planning for the following week so hopefully I won't have to do any of that over the holiday.

On Friday as I was pulling into the school I saw a 4th grader walking in wearing a boot on one foot and high heel on the other. My first thought was "aww, poor girl can't even afford two of the same shoe." I got into the morning assembly though and started seeing all these kids with similar getups...weird hair-dos, mixed up shoes and clothes on backwards, etc.. There was no scheduled school "wacky day" but apparently the 4th graders go together (lead by one girl) and decided on their own, without telling any teachers or admins, that they were going to have a "Wacky day." So they did. We just rolled with it. When we got to my classroom more of my students than usual went to the bathroom. Many of them hadn't heard about wacky day and when they returned they were quite wacky as well. rolled-up pants leg?! That is too crazy. It's just verging on dangerous. Have you heard of anything so wacky?

That's all for me. later..


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