Thursday, December 01, 2005

Had another pretty good day today.

At the end of the day after school there was a baby shower for the vice principal and his wife. He's a really great guy. I'm happy for him too. Oh, and also going to baby showers is like pulling teeth. In fact going to any kind of shower is like that...I can barely bring myself to take showers daily just because it's the same name as those grueling parties that women like to go to. Do you hear that inventor of the shower?! You're threatening my very hygene!

So anyway, they're having this shower and I kind of feel like I have to go. I walked down to the library where they're having it and walk in and look around and just get this really uncomfortable feeling. You know the's like's like...being in hell. Yeah...hell is probably like a shower or something...maybe with more fire and demons and doilies and stuff. So I get that feeling like "Oh crap, this is a shower and I'm attending it." So I turned back around hoping that no one noticed that I just walked in and I went back to my room. About 5 minutes later the only other male teacher who was there comes to my room and tells me "Your presence is requested." Awww maaan...someone did notice. So I went back down there and had my teeth pulled for 40 minutes or so. Seriously though...I'm happy for the guy. He really is a great guy...couldn't ask for a better vice principal. It was probably more painful for him to sit there being stared at by everyone while opening gifts and reacting overenthusiastically to burp rags and something called "onesies" which I still have no idea what that is.

I think my dog has fractured my nose. The other night I was wrestling with her and she jerked her head back real hard into my nose. Now it hurts on one side and when I press it there it makes this clicking noise that gives me the heeby jeebies. Is that how you spell "heeby jeebies?" I think that's first time I've ever spelled it.

This week I've been struggling with feelings of imbalance in my teaching and how I treat my class. I feel like I get in authoritarian mode and can't get out of it very easily. I like to have fun but it's too much when my class starts going crazy. On the other hand though I don't have that problem with the other class that comes to me. They're a more mature class and we have fun without that maybe it's just my class. I don't know...I wish I could be more laid back without them just flipping out and bouncing off the walls.

I'm out..


At 8:11 AM, Blogger Eli said...

Hey, it's Eli M. from TB. Cool blog - I'm especially enjoying it because I'm considering teaching when I "grow up."

A "onesie" is a garment for babies that looks like a t-shirt but has a lower portion that snaps underneath the diaper.

At 8:23 PM, Blogger DigMe said...

Thanks. I thought it had something to do with playing jacks.


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