Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Well today was better. We had some fun and didn't have the pressure of yesterday. I ended a crummy day yesterday by figuring up the results of our big test to determine if the kids are learning the English and realizing that they did almost as bad on that as they did on the big social studies test. However, there was a little relief today when I found out that one of the other teacher's (who's pretty well respected) classes did about as bad as mine. So as long as I'm not in the boat by myself it makes things a little better.

I was looking through the kids made-up Native American names again today. There was one girl who named herself "She-who-is-really-talented-in-gymnastics." Her reasons were "Because I do really awesome flips and get lots of compliments." Sweet.

Today we had a fire drill. As we were coming out of the building some kids were running and I told them not to run. Afterwards we were back in the classroom and a kid raised her hand and said, "If there was a real fire we would run though right?" I said, "No, we would walk." She gave me this total "You're crazy" look. I think she understood why that is after I explained it but I'm not sure.

I have this kid who goes to the bathroom after lunch and sits on the pot for a good 15 minutes. Half the time I don't even realize he's not there and I start a lesson only to realize when he comes strolling in later that he wasn't there. What could take a 4th grader that long when there's not even any magazines to read?!



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