Thursday, December 08, 2005

I got to sleep in a little this morning since I didn't have to be at school until 10am. That was very nice. My car was covered in a sheet of ice. I started to scrape the windshield a bit but then I just turned it on and let it run with the defrost on for 2o minutes before I left. The guy two doors down was pouring water over his windshield. My wife, who grew up in the north...great lakes region, thinks it's funny that people do that down here.

Today another teacher and I were walking down the hall and there was a pre-K class sitting in the hallway having a story read to them. This little girl looks at the other teacher that was with me and held up her middle finger in a position which just happened to look exactly like the infamous gesture and just stared at him holding out her hand like that the whole time we walked by. I told him it was obvious she didn't want to be in his class when she gets to 4th grade. We think she was trying to show him a "bobo" on her finger. It was funny just looked like this little blonde preK girl was flipping the bird at him as he walked by.

The kids weren't as crazy as I thought they'd be today considering the ice and the late start now that I think about it. They usually have recess at 10am. The first thing that they asked when we walked into the room at 10:10am was "Are we gonna have recess today?!!" My response to one kid was "You just had a two hour recess!" He said "But I slept until 9am." Exactly.

We put off our big science test because we had a high number of absences today. It's pretty ridiculous that these parents are keeping their kids home because it's cold outside. Get real people...we've got things to do here!

It bothers me when parents send me a note saying something like "Call me to set up a conference." You know what? I'm in charge of 40 kids here, you're in charge of 1. Why don't you call me if you want a conference? If they have time to write a note about it they have time to pick up the phone to call me. What? Do you not want to go to all that trouble of getting out the phonebook or something?



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