Thursday, January 19, 2006

So yesterday we had testing most of the day. The kids were going bonkers by the end of the day just ready for some activity. They did get to go to PE at the end of the day though.

Today they were still pretty crazy. I had to repeat directions many times to get them to do anything. I hate days like that.

Oh yeah, yesterday we also started tutoring for writing to prepare some of the kids that need it for the standardized writing test. I have to do that every Monday and Wednesday for about a month now. It's not too bad though...we're out by 4:20 or so. I've got some crazy kids in this tutoring. A couple are just completely hyper...never stop talking, can't stay in the seat etc.. I have to try and be energetic and channel that energy. I think I did OK with it yesterday.

It was kind of funny to watch some of the kids in their own world during that testing yesterday. They'd be silently singing to themselves or dancing in their seats or acting something out and then suddenly realize that I'm watching them. Then I'd give them the one raised eyebrow.

We have a member of our school board coming to the school to visit next week and we're supposed to come up with a song or skit or something for him. The other 4th grade teachers decided on a song and naturally it fell to me to compose this song and the lyrics. I've had a bunch of funny but sarcastic lyrics pop into my head but nothing that we could actually sing. Ho I have a responsibility and a deadline. I hate those things.

It's hard to teach and get through the things that are required when you have so many things that pop up and get in the way. Yesteraday it was the testing almost all day, today we had required reading fluency tests, next week we have to give practice tests for math and reading on two separate days. I'm getting SO far behind...especially in Social Studies, where we have a strict schedule of what we have to be through when.

Ok, I'm out. Good day.


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