Thursday, December 22, 2005

So we're now out for the holiday break (about 2.5 weeks). Yes!

Yesterday one of the 4th graders from another class was sitting outside after school and she had this litte Reindeer zipper pouch. She held it up and said "I have a guitar pick in here." Being a guitar player myself I asked her to show it to me. She unzipped the case, reached in and pulled out a rock that was vaguely shaped like a guitar pick. I feigned being impressed. She told me that she has a guitar and plays it all the time. I wonder if the guitar is made of rock too.

Yesterday was kind of a whirlwind day. I had zero free time. It was nonstop from morning until afternoon. In the morning I was trying to get all this last minute work done since report cards go out as soon as they get back in January. I think I got it all done. Then I was scrambling to get all their graded work sorted to go home and then the comments added to their take-home folders and then get ready for their party. Then we came back and they had their little party. I think they had fun. It was still busy for me though. I had after-school duty when they left early at 2pm. Then I came back to my room and tried to get all my grades and stuff ready so I could submit them for report cards without any sweat when I come back. I got all that done, came home and crashed. Whew!

Glad to have this break now! I guess I'll post again in January. Don't forget me!

Merry Christmas!


At 10:16 AM, Blogger Vic Nelson said...

Alright now, it's almost been a month. Let's pick it up eh? Not like you're doing anything anyway.

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