Monday, December 19, 2005

So I kicked off this week by completely forgetting that I have morning duty this week. That means one other teacher was in the gym with the kids by herself trying to keep them under control. I was actually at the school...I was just hanging out in my room and I came strolling into the gym at 7:55 wondering why people are staring at me. Oops.

I set an alarm reminder in my cell phone for tomorrow. This is only a three day week so I've already missed one third of my morning duty responsibilities.

I have so much to do before Wednesday. I didn't realize until last week or so that grades are due for report cards the morning I come back from holiday vacation on January 9th. That stinks...that means I have to get all makeup work and corrections done by Wednesday morning (since Wednesday afternoon is our class party) and then they're gone for the holiday.

These kids are chomping at the bit. They're ready to get outta here. Some of them are already on a mental vacation. Today my kid came back who was on a cruise last week. I told him that if he wants to have any hope at passing he needs to spend every bit of free time this week working on makeup work. He brought back his writing was allll about his cruise and playing bingo and shuffleboard and the nice people and swimming and the climbing wall and shopping in the Florida Keys... Hope it was worth it. It sure is a pain in my rear.

Two days left until Christmas break!!


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