Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Today was a bit rough IMO. We had the math test that took most of the day and it seemed like a lot of the kids were just kind of in a bad mood. Very snappy and tightly wound...talking back and rolling the eyes.

Tomorrow we get to do the practice reading test. I forgot to tell them about that today so...SURPRISE!! Yippee! The reading shouldn't take as long as the math at least...I think.

I feel sorry for some of these kids. One poor girl said "I think I did really good," and she ended up getting one of the lowest grades in the class. Overall though the grades weren't that bad and there are some that will definitely benefit from the tutoring that we'll be offering.

In other news, I had 8 kids today that did not complete homework of one type or another. Some of them didn't do any at all. That's so frustrating.

I still don't know the names of so many of the teachers at my school. I'm a total idiot when it comes to knowing and/or remembering names. The worst part is when I see someone at the grocery store or something whose name I should know...especially if I'm with my wife and I should be introducing her. That's the worst feeling, and yet I find myself feeling it quite often. I've been trying to catch a glimpse of the nametag of the custodian that cleans my room for a long time but it's too faded. I always say "Hi!" and she says "Hi, Mr. ____ ."

Today at the end of the day I had the kids do this typing practice computer program that they're required to do. I make them position their fingers properly on the keyboard so they'll learn to type well and with some of them it's like I'm forcing them to walk the plank or something. At the end I told them if any of them think their way of typing is better than my way then they can challenge me to a typing contest and if they win I'll never correct them again.

So far no challengers.



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