Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I think my blog entries are getting worse. It seems I can no longer remember the good things that the kids say that make me think "I've gotta post that in my blog." It's always gone by the time I get here. I need to start writing some of this stuff down.

I've got a couple of kids who seem completely and totally indifferent about school and grades. Did I already say this? If they turn something in at all it's just been slapped together with no thought. The other day I gave one kid a worksheet with ten multiple choice questions. All the answers were clearly there in the book. He got 1 right. He's NOT a slow kid. He's actually pretty smart and creative. That stinks that he's just wasting it. He's the one that makes me laugh in class sometimes when I should be scolding or something. Scolding...never imagined using that word in relation to myself. I'm getting old.

There's one teacher at my school who has absolutely no sense of humor or when you're joking at all. I'll say completely outlandish things to her and she'll answer me with a straight answer and totally not understand that I was kidding. I guess I should watch what I say in that case... I wish I could think of an example of this but again...no memory. There was something just last week that just blew my mind that she took it seriously but I don't recall what it was.

I've got one student in my reading class who reads soooooooo sloooooooow. It's not that he has trouble reading...he just reads really slow. He also takes forever to make a point. Guess what? Every time I ask for volunteers to read he raises his hand. Every time I ask a question to the class he raises his hand to answer. So I spend a disproportionate amount of time calling on this kid and then listening to him speak or read as I resist the urge to say "Spit it out, son!" Sweet kid though.



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