Thursday, February 09, 2006

Today I said my first curse word in front of my class. Yep. The 'C' word. "Crap."

Ok, so it's not really a curse word but by their reaction you'd have thought it was. I was in the middle of teaching and trying to have some discussion about writing and these kids at my middle table, which is ALWAYS where it seems to start were talking and doing whatever. I said something like "I'm so fed up with all this crap that is always going on at this table while I'm teaching." I immediately had visions of angry parents and I wished I hadn't said it. I apologized to them and said I should have used a different word but that I'm basically at the end of my rope with them this week. Anyway... I told some other 4th grade teachers and they didn't think much of it. One said she's said that before to her class and another said she once told a girl in her class to "Quit bitchin'." This is a 70 year old lady who's retiring after this year. She said that year that she had the daughter of one of the school board members in her class. I guess nothing ever came of it so I guess that bodes well for my little outburst. Really I don't feel that "crap" is a bad word myself (just not a pretty one) but these are 10 and 11 year olds.

I was a tad bit relieved today though to hear that it seems like whatever has gotten into my kids this week has infected the entire fourth grade. This morning I looked out in the hall during bathroom time and two of my kids are just kicking the snot out of each other. They spent their PE class in the vice principal's office doing deep knee bends. Then right after that another kid told me that one of my other kids tried to choke him. Sheesh...

Well, that's my day. Still didn't get everything done that I needed to get done today among all my other chores. Now I'm going to go veg in front of the TV and watch Beauty and the Geek.



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