Thursday, February 02, 2006

Today we were supposed to wear the colors of whatever team we were rooting for in the superbowl. I had on the shirt of my favorite team (Who, as I mentioned before, is NOT playing in the Superbowl) and was all set to go until my wife gives me this guilt trip about "What kind of example are you setting for your kids? That they can do anything they want?" So I ended up changing. Then I get to school and there are a TON of people wearing shirts supporting teams other than the Steelers or Seahawks. The sweetest little old lady in the school is wearing almost the exact shirt that I originally had on. Women...

I had a kid go home today with some kind of "highly infectious" medical condition. Crud... I was wishing I had some Lysol at school but there was none to be I just burned his desk right there in the room. Was that rash? (technically it actually was a rash)

The coffee roaster that I ordered was sitting on my front porch this afternoon. I'm psyched. I read the instructions as well as the tips from and started roasting as soon as I could. I kind of under-roasted the first batch but the second and third look really good. You have to let them rest for 12 to 24 hours before you drink if you want them at their best. I'm going to try some tomorrow morning. I hope it's as good as it smells. Surprisingly though, the actual roasting doesn't smell all that great. Definitely doesn't smell like the finished product. It's kind of an earthy, grassy smell. It's cool though...really easy and it takes about 7 minutes per batch to roast. Today I roasted Costa Rican La Candelilla and Guetamalen Huehuetenanga.

Tomorrow I'm not going in until 11 am. I have a doctor's appointment. The kids are probably ready for a break from me anyway. Today I lectured them again. They were so bad today just ignoring me every time I was trying to speak or tell them something and talking over me etc...

I'm out.


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