Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today was Valentine's Day if you didn't know. Me? Well, as an elementary school teacher it's impossible to not know that it's Valentine's Day. The kids all brought their valentine's cards today and passed them all out. We made bags yesterday so they'd have something to put them in. I was pretty proud of my handcrafted Mr. T Valentine's bag. Unfortunately none of my 4th graders knew who Mr. T was. Kids are so uncultured these days.

Luckily it seems that no one sent anyone any upsetting Valentine's Cards. I received cards of various themes including Star Wars, Bratz (whatever that is), Dr. Doom and one that featured what looked like a very angry pill (caplet style) with a mean look on his face saying something like "You're cool." That one was random. Maybe there is some cartoon that's popular now that has the adventures of various caplets. I don't know... Maybe you could follow one as he gets swallowed and then dissolves? Not much of an adventure.

I got lots of candy too. They're usually not allowed to give out candy but we're allowed three days a year and Valentine's Day was one of the days our school uses as their FMNV days. What? You don't know what FMNV stands for? Where have you been? It's "Foods of Minimal Nutritious Value" of course. No, I'm not making this stuff up. A kid can go to high school and eat nothing but pizza and fries every day courtesy of the school's cafeteria, but don't you dare let them give candy to another kid. Of course I don't work at a high school so at this stage the meals are usually still slightly more nutritious than pizza and fries every day. Since watching the documentary Super Size Me I just can't understand why more schools aren't doing like the one up in Wisconsin (or whatever God forsaken place that was) and serve fresh, healthy meals every day.

Well, I'm out. Happy V Day.


At 2:19 AM, Blogger Steph Dawe said...

Haha, Mr T., dude, that's awesome. Did you pity the fools?


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