Tuesday, February 21, 2006

We went ahead with the test today. I think I was more nervous than my kids were. Espeically after I noticed that one of my kids was writing an essay that was utterly off topic from the writing prompt. He couldn't be more out in left field. After telling them beforehand that "You need to stay write about that topic," "stay focused on that topic like a laser," "write what the prompt tells you to write about," etc.. he's sitting there writing this (fairly bizarre) fictional story when the prompt was asking about a personal experience. I wanted to shake him and say "What are you doing?!!" Unfortunately, once they start I'm not allowed to give any guidance such as "You're not writing to the prompt." It's basically a wasted test and a wasted day for that kid who is otherwise an imaginative kid and a pretty good writer. That kind of stuff is frustrating. Also as I walked around I was noticing a lot of other kids completely ignoring things that we had focused on for so many months. It's just totally out of my control at that point no matter what I've done to prepare them.

After the test I wanted to let them relax a little so we played some games and had some fun. As usual though they lost all self-control once anything fun became involved and I cannot have a room full of screaming kids when there is still this testing going on around me in other rooms (or any other time for that matter). So I had to clamp down on that at the end and put them back to reading their library books. *sigh*

Anyway..that was my day. It's really gloomy today. It's been foggy and drizzly all day. I don't want to go work out. I don't want to do anything after today. Later.


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