Tuesday, March 21, 2006

There is a particular faculty member at my school who I really don't enjoy standing by during our morning assembly. She's a nice person but there are several things going on here:

1. She has NO sense of humor. I don't mean that she doesn't think my jokes are funny - I mean that she absolutely seems to have no sense of when I'm joking or being serious. I'll say something absolutely outlandish and she'll respond as if I'm serious. I've stopped making jokes with her now lest I get in trouble with her taking me seriously.

2. Her singing - Her voice is just fine but it's the pronunciations that are distracting. "And" becomes "ahhhnd." "Bless" becomes "blahhss," etc... I just can't sing with that stuff going on.

3. The Pledge of Allegiance - she always seems to say this slightly faster than everyone else around her. So I've got the entire gym saying it in one ear and her saying it slightly faster in the other and it just short-circuits me or something...I become unable to say it myself. It's like the part of my brain that causes speaking and the part that has the ability to follow rhythm just shut down. It's weird.

Again, this lady is really nice but these things just get me all disjointed. Also, today she was wearing a lotion or perfume that has this particular scent that I've never been able to stomach. It was real popular years ago and (thankfully) has become less so but today it was very strong right next to me in the gym. I don't know how to describe the smell but why someone ever put it in a lotion or perfume is perplexing to me and why people continue to buy it is also perplexing.

I sound like a real jerk saying all that I guess but oh well.

The kids are really testing me this week it seems. Yesterday we were walking to PE and someone in line started to whistle. I said "If the whistling continues we're going to walk back up and try this again." It stopped until I turned around and someone whistled again...soooo... we walked back up the stairs and came down again. Then today one of my kids was just being real disruptive all day. At one point he just started making this random noise while I'm teaching. I warned him to stop and as soon as I turned away he made the noise again. I just went ahead and sent him to the vice principal for that because of some other ongoing things. That stuff is getting on my nerves. I don't know if these kids are starting to get spring fever or what...



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