Monday, February 27, 2006

Today I felt like I was on narcotics all day or something. I was sooo sleepy. I was literally trying to keep my eyes open while talking to the class. I don't know why...I was in bed by 11pm last night, which isn't early but it's about normal for me. So anyway, it was a perfect day for the hour and a half faculty meeting that we had after school. I was nodding off for most of the time. I even drank a coke at the beginning (I've pretty much stopped drinking cokes) but it didn't help.

I did nod off a bit at my desk while the class was having some free reading time and I think one of my students saw me. That's kind of embarrassing.

Kids' logic is kind of funny. Today we were talking about alternative fuel sources to oil-based fuels and we talked about solar power and whatnot. They started trying to think of other fuel sources and one came up with "the propellor of a boat moving it through the water." Not even considering that a boat runs on if the propellor runs itself. I was like "Sheah...what are you? Retarded?" Not really.


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