Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another long day today, but I managed to stay awake this time...for the most part. I was starting to feel really drowsy in a grade-level meeting at the end of the day. I drank some coffee right at the end of the day too because I had to go do reading tutoring. We're now getting the kids ready for the reading and math standardized tests so I've got tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday for an hour.

This morning I got a somewhat unpleasant email from a parent who had obviously just gotten one side of the story on a few things from her kid (my student). It kind of got me worked up because it had some sort of ultimatums in it and she obviously did not even know the whole story. Then after sending me the email, and without waiting for a reply, she called the principal. So I had that on my mind all day. We had a conference all together after tutoring and got all that worked out. I think it went well. It's always a bit awkward going in but I think it came out ok. After that I had to go through a computer exercise that we're doing in class tomorrow. I got home close to 6:00. I still have a lot that I need to do. I brought some grading home and did that as well. Luckily most of my usual weeknight appointments that I normally have were cancelled this week.

I've told you about my kid who regularly picks his nose behind a book. I think I also told you about my kid who picks his nose and then licks his finger. Well today, I saw something else entirely different and bizarre. I think I saw one of my kids stick his finger in his belly button and then lick it. That's right - I've got a belly button lint eater. First time I've ever seen anything like that. Strange stuff.

The coffee roasting is going well, by the way. I spent some time working on it a lot while my wife was out of town snowboarding last week. I'm getting really good coffee fairly consistently now. Beats the heck outta the grocery store stuff, that's for sure...and don't even mention *bucks in the same sentence as home roasted coffee. Never been a fan of the * anyway.


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