Thursday, March 30, 2006

Today was fine. Nothing real exciting happened.

Yesterday, one of my kids who is habitually tardy was tardy yet again. When a student is tardy they have to get a tardy pass from the front office and on the excuse line of the tardy pass the lady in the front office writes exactly what the student says.

Yesterday my habitually tardy student handed me a tardy pass that said "Washed hair too long." That should really be an excused tardy. I mean, who hasn't ever started washing their hair and gotten carried away and then the next thing you know an hour has flown by?

It occurred to me though that this wasn't the first unusual excuse this student had so I started looking back through all her other tardy slips from the past and here are some of the other excuses she's had. All from the same student:

"took a shower too long." (this personal grooming is really getting to be a problem)
"Mom can't see the road." (I don't think I understand that one at all)
"dad driving slow." (what was he? Driving a snail? "Heeya!")

I came across some other unusual tardy excuses from this year too. These are from various other students:
"Mom threw up on bag."
"Had a hard time finding stuff." (Can't go to school without "stuff"!)
"Sister trying to get money."

Thought you might enjoy some of those. That's all.


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