Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Forget yesterday's post. If you don't get it then it's not for you.

I want to say again happy belated birthday to my dad. I already said happy belated birthday to him over the phone. Happy 74th, dad.

Today in class I somehow got off on a tangent and started recalling to my students going to the rodeo as a child and watching a monkey ride a dog. The dog had a saddle which also worked to strap the monkey in and basically attach the monkey to the dog. The monkey was dressed like a cowboy and the dog would come speeding out and around the arena with the monkey bent over like a jockey, riding away and no doubt thinking about how lucky he is to be speeding around an arena on a dog wearing a humiliatingly ridiculous cowboy costume instead of lounging around in the jungle eating dumb 'ol bananas. Anyway, my point in telling this is what the kids said. One kid said "What if it was a frog riding a goat?!" or something like that and then all the other kids started offering up suggestions of animals they would like to see riding around an arena on another animal. At the very end it got quiet and one girl said "I'd like to see a cow riding a bull." I wanted to tell her that if she cruised around in the country she'd very likely see vice-versa but of course I did not.

Tomorrow "The Power Team" is coming to our school. They're a group of strongmen who perform amazing feats of strength and share a motivational message. They're a Christian group but I don't know if they'll be sharing a Christian message tomorrow since it's a public school. I'm psyched though. I think it'll be cheesy and I LOVE cheese. I'm sure my boys will be obsessed with their muscles for the rest of the day. I have one kid who things he's a muscle man but is not anywhere near that. Skinny as a rail. He was walking around today trying to make his chest look puffed up. Really he just looked like he was possibly struggling with a sudden onset of scoliosis or something.

Well, that's all. I'm out. I'll report back on "The Power Team" tomorrow.


At 4:02 PM, Blogger david said...

Last summer, I did some thing in this small one-light town at the town's football stadium, and my friend Will and I were the opening act for the power team! Well, we were told that we were opening up for them anyway. It turned out to be only one of the members, however, with only one member present, there was enough cheese for that town to eat on for at least a few weeks. So I hope you brought some crackers to the show, because with the whole team present, it has the potential for so much more...

I agree with you in one thing though, I love cheese too (in small, infrequent doses). It is always fuel for great conversations and plenty of laughter.


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