Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Now I dutifully report back to you on "The Power Team." It started with the first introduction set to techno music. The first member to appear was a barrel-chested young man named Jacob who played football at Arizona St. Then he introduced the second guy. There turned out to only be 2 of them. The second guy was 6'6" and 250lbs. Apparently he played basketball for the Celtics at one point. I think they said his name was Jack something.

So they came out and pumped the kids up and then they basically started destroying things in short order. First up was 3 cans of Diet 7Up. Big Jack would squeeze them between his hands until they burst on some unlucky kids. When he did this to the last can the top half of it burst off completely, flew through the air and landed at my feet with a splash of Diet 7UP that went all over me. Yeah. I can tell you this - nothing pumps you up like starting off your day doused in soda. Then came the phone book. Jacob tore a phone book in half. I think it would have been more impressive in a larger city. After that Jack was back. He took a frying pan in his hands and rolled it right up like a burrito. Then Jacob came back on the scene - he took an iron bar and held it in his teeth while he bent it into a pretzel. Then Jack gave a motivational talk about achieving "your hopes and dreams." "Your hopes and dreams," was a phrase that I heard many times this morning. It was fairly entertaining and he integrated one of the 4th grade students into the action. After that the finale was Jack breaking a baseball bat in half. That was pretty much it. The kids loved it.

The first pic you see here is Jack rolling up the pan. The next is Jacob with the bar in his teeth and the last is Jacob with the bent bar.

The rest of my day was fine. I had one kid who was obsessed with trying to come up with how every feat these guys performed was somehow rigged.

That's about all I've got. Tomorrow, if I have nothing else interesting to report, I'll give you my tardy excuses "greatest hits."



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