Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Another busy day. We studied static electricity in science today and the kids had fun watching each others' hair move around as it stuck to a balloon. They also thought it was cool to see all the little pieces of a kleenex attracted to a charged balloon. That was fun. We read a story about famine in Niger out of our little weekly reader magazine today too. My class all made comments about how "the N word" was on the weekly reader and I quickly corrected them. In the other class it never even came up. My class as a whole just seems less mature and has worse manners I think.

Since we're studying electricity this week I had them all walking out singing the 80's classic "Electric Avenue." We didn't learn it in class or anything...I just started singing it because we were talking about electricity. They'll know all the 80's classics by the time the year is over.

This morning the high school cheerleaders made another showing at our school to do some cheers and tell the kids about some homecoming activities. It was kind of funny watching them confusedly trying to line up with every other cheerleader facing the same way down the middle of the gym. That took some time.

Today was fire safety day so the firemen had a fire truck at school and the kids got to go see it and whatnot. Yippee.

I got more grading done today after school but it seems like I still have a lot left. It was another late day that stretched into the evening. I seem to have a lot of kids with missing assignments. That could be a problem if I don't have them by Friday with report cards and all.

Well, my dog is whining to go on a walk and I want to get back for the Astros/Cards game. Later.


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