Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Today was a busy day as I predicted. It helped that I it's library day so I could send two of my classes to the library for 30 minutes each. That freed up more time to get some much-needed work done. I stayed up at the school until after 5pm. I turned on my classroom TV and watched some VH1 show about the top 50 childhood celebs and what happened to them or something. Does VH-1 show anything else besides "what happened to them?" shows, nostalgia shows and The Surreal Life? I don't have cable but it seems like that's what's showing pretty much every time I've cruised through that channel. So here's the update for anyone wondering: Corey Haim is fat, Blossom and the girl who played Winnie on The Wonder Years are both nerds, Tootie is fat, Screech does stand-up comedy which seems to mostly center around Saved By the Bell (you couldn't ask for an easier subject to make jokes about could you?), Blossom is fat, Horshack had a boxing match with Screech, Todd Bridges is fat, Molly Ringwald speaks french, Peter Brady is buff, Bobby Brady sort of looks like Sloth from The Goonies now, Urkel apparently makes a living writing a blog (what?! You can make money off of this?!!), Jonathan from Who's the Boss? is gay (shocking? I don't think so), the blonde chick from Family Ties is now a blackhaired chick and sings in a goth band, Anthony Michael Hall was geeky, then geeky cool, then nobody and now he's just cool (if I followed correctly).. well I could go on but you get the idea..

So anyway, I got a lot of grading done after school. Now I have to put it all in the computer and have the kids correct them before Friday. Well, I have more grading to do too.

Tomorrow we start electricity in science. That should be fun. I've got some experiments and demonstrations planned.

I've got some kids who just seem to sink farther and farther behind in the amount of work that they have not turned in. It drives me crazy. One of my kids who is the furthest behind was absent today too so now he's going to be even further behind.

Today during writing though my kid who is one of my worst writers and my tough nut actually started writing as soon as I gave the assignment and wrote a whole page. It was great. Usually I'll give the writing assignment on Monday and he'll still have a blank page on Wednesday or Thursday. So, at the end of class I wrote his name on the board but said I was putting it up there for good reasons instead of bad and put a big star around it and complimented him in front of everyone. He seemed pretty proud so maybe this will help inspire him. We'll see..I felt like that was one more brick removed from the wall at least. The girl next to him is little Miss Superwriter and after I complimented him in front of everyone she holds hers up and says "Look, I'm almost finished." Yeah, yeah...we know ya are, Danielle Steele.

Well, that's about all I've got. Later.


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