Friday, October 14, 2005

Finally, this week is over. It felt like this was the longest 4 day week ever. I think I'm just about all ready for report cards next week. Who knows seems like every time I think I'm done something else comes up that I have to do.

We did the electricity/circuits thing in science today. That was fun. I created a circuit and then had two alligator clips in the middle and we'd touch them or clip them to various objects to see if the object was a conductor or an insulator. They wouldn't stop suggesting and offering things to test though even after I'd moved on. We had fun at the end of the day with our english too.

Oh man..I just realized I haven't even started doing my lesson plan for next week. I guess I'll be doing some weekend work.

Tonight we're going to a concert so I have to go because it's an hour and a half away. Later.


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