Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hey look! I'm posting twice in one week!

This morning we took the kids over to the high school to check out some exhibits and presentations by kids in the FFA (Future Farmers of America). We started out learning about some plants. Then we saw a welding demo. Then after that we came to some kids who were displaying their sheep. They had two adult ewes. One of them had two little cute baby lambs. The high school boy who was there couldn't wait to tell the kids "Now if you show a ram you have to have it castrated. Do you kids know what castration is?!" Sheesh..don't they screen these presentations?!

The next display was about poultry and these two boys had three chickens and two ducks with them. One boy looked like he reached into his dad's closet and pulled out the oldest, ugliest and widest tie he could possibly find. Then it looked like had a blind guy with no fingers tie it for him. His collar was all sticking up on one side and he was wearing this tie and button down shirt with jeans and tennis shoes. He told us this completely pointless story about how a duck pecked him once at a pond. Then he told us another pointless story about how one time his sister went back to that same pond and a duck tried to peck her as well. Wow..I think the kids really learned a lot about poultry through those stories.

After that we went to a lesson on wildlife which mostly consisted of displaying various works of taxidermy. There was a coyote head, a deer mount, two ducks, a quail and a bighorn sheep skull. They didn't have much to say. They mostly just let the kids look at and touch all the dead animals. Then they went to a presentation on crops. Mostly there they played a game with a piece of wheat that didn't have much to do with crops except they used a piece of wheat where they normally would have used a ball or something.

After that they went to another presentation on cattle. The students just had three signs they wrote up about cattle. That one was kind of lame. Also they misspelled stomach as "stomic" and hamburger as "hamberger." Sheesh.. Then the kids went to a presentation on horses. They had a horse in a trailer with her foal and that was cool because the kids got to touch it. But one of the girls was a presentation nazi. Very demanding and in control. Grabbing kids and putting them where she wanted them instead of just telling them where to go. One of those types that should avoid caffeine.

Lastly we hung with the goats. They had a mama goat and her two kids. The kids lined up and each fed her a handful of corn. Then we left. That was fun for the kids and kind of interesting. Some of the high school kids were pretty funny (unintentionally) too. I'm glad those days are over!

The rest of the day was mostly uneventful except for one of my kids getting another in a headlock and then a chokehold in the bathroom at one point because he found the other kids finger-snapping annoying. Tomorrow we have a visit by an author that will come and read to the kids.

Next week we have our big field trip to Austin. Should be quite a day.


Monday, April 24, 2006

Yo. I really am going to try to post this week. I don't know what happened last week. I just never remembered to post at a time when I could do it. I'll try and do better this time.

The standardized tests are over now. Whew! Glad that's done with. Now the circus starts. It seems like every week from here until the end of school we have multiple activities going on. This week we have some intermediate school kids coming to read to our classes for 2 hours one day, we have the nutrition puppet/lunchroom mascot doing a show one day, we have some author visiting and reading to the kids one day, etc... Coming up we've got parties, field day, field trips and so on... So hopefully all this stuff might make for some interesting blog posts.

So you stay tuned and I'll try to as well.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Hello, dear blog reader (and I do mean that in the singular). Forgive me for neglecting you last week. It was a crazy, three day week of last minute preparation for our state standardized test before we took off for a 4 day Easter weekend.

Of course I can barely remember my day for 24 hours so I don't really remember much from last week.

Oh yeah, here's a little ditty I forgot to tell you about. The week before last we were discussing tornadoes and one of my students raised his hand and said "Why is it that, you know, tornadoes always go to where trailer parks are?" As if trailer parks somehow inherently attract tornadoes.

If you just read that and thought to yourself "Yeah, why is that?" then please don't read my blog anymore.

I'll try to be better about updates this week. I honestly really just forgot last week.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Today was looooong and I don't have much to say. I left this morning, had a very busy day and a long parent conference during my conference period, then I had tutoring on my own since the other teacher was home with a sick kid, then immediately after tutoring I had to be at my continuing education class for my teacher training from 5 to 9. Then when I got home at 9pm the dog belonging to the people behind us had torn another board out of their fence and come over to our yard and drug all of our stuff everywhere. So I had to go over there and talk to them about it and then I fixed the fence and then I finally sat down to talk to my wife a little bit. Now you know why I don't really feel like posting much today.


Monday, April 03, 2006

Today was kind of odd. It started out this morning by one of the teachers telling me that Friday afternoon they found a curse word written in feces on the bathroom wall. One of my kids is a prime suspect. I think he was trying to convey his feelings towards his math teacher. Great. That gives a whole new meaning to "talking out of your butt."

Then this morning we were working on standardized test practice stuff in class, nothing out of the ordinary, when one of my kids called me over. He said "I think I got a little nervous and I had an accident." Oops. The poor guy had wet his pants right there in the classroom. I tried to be as discrete as possible about getting him out of the class but I think some of the other kids saw. Luckily he's in a class that is really pretty sensitive as a whole. That's good because he's a pretty anxious kid. I felt bad for him. He left a puddle in the chair.

Remember my boy who wrote the story about kissing a boy from the viewpoint of a girl and then made some other boys mad by blowing kisses at them? I found out today that he wants to be in the Navy.

Well, that's about all I've got. Later.