Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tomorrow's the big substitute day. My first day to be out. My inservice that I have to go to is at 9am but I don't even really get to sleep in because I need to go up to the school before classes start and make sure that the sub can do this thing I need her to do on the computer tomorrow.

Today we started reading our new book and the kids really dig it so far. That's a good feeling when you choose a book that's one you enjoy and they really enjoy it too.

Today one of my kids kneed another one of my kids in the crotch for no reason. From what I can gather there was no conflict or anything. They were standing in line and he just turned and kneed. The first I saw of it was when I looked over and the kid was crying. It kind of reminded me of when I was a kid and I punched my older brother in the stomach to see what would happen. Well, actually there was more to it than that...we were playing Space Invaders on Atari and he beat me and I turned and punched him in the stomach and took off running into the back yard. Of course he didn't chase me because he was doubled over trying to get his breath.

Speaking of my older brother, he just called to tell me that his wife just gave birth to their new baby. Congrats, broseph!

I was just told yesterday that I have until Friday to spend the rest of the money that was allotted to me for classroom supplies. So now Friday is going to be a mad dash to spend money I guess. I have my eye on some things like microscopes and a game type thing where there are buttons that go out for the kids to push so you can play Jeopardy type kids games and the person with the answer can hit the buzzer. That might be fun. I think I'll also buy some chalk...I need some of that.

I'm tired...I'm out. Probably won't be much of an update tomorrow because I'll be in classes all day but who knows...maybe the classes will be wild, wacky and blogworthy.


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