Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Well, just as I expected they did not make it through a third day in a row with only 2 names or less on the board. That ended immediately when it came out that 7 students did not do their homework. So much for that. SO, they start over on their reward board where they have to get three days in a row for their first reward.

Today wasn't a bad day though. We had fun with magnetism and electromagnetism in science. They went to the library which is a nice little extra break for me on Tuesdays. Tomorrow we start our new book that we'll be reading as a class. It's The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I loved that whole series when I was a 4th grader and I don't think I've ever talked to anyone who read that and didn't like it. So that should be fun.

During my english lessons I've been writing sentences that have the names of my students in them doing something silly....eating monkey brains, riding unicorns, stealing each other's homework and going on subsequent high speed chases etc... They love that but at the same time it seems like they lose control every time I do it and start going crazy. Maybe if I already had them written out on an overhead instead of turning my back and writing them on the board it would help. Maybe I'll try that.

I spent this afternoon trying to get ready for the sub that's coming for me on Thursday. I'm taking a big risk by trying to have her show a video that plays from my computer to the TV. I hope she doesn't get lost trying to do that. I may come back and find a high heel slammed through my monitor.

Have I ever told you about my dog? My dog is a nut. 40 lbs of pure energy and awe-inspiring chewing capabilities. She's used her mouth to rip the metal nozzles off of both my outside water faucets, she's chewed up every sprinkler I own, she likes to chew on bricks that she digs up in our back yard (relics of when the house was originally built I guess) and today she ripped a board out of the fence and made a door through which she pranced over to give our new back neighbors a visit. Then she came back and chewed the fence board in half. Funny thing is she never chews a thing she's not supposed to when she's inside. She's a sweet dog..just hyper as a 5 year old in a coffee shop.

Well, that's my day. Later.


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