Thursday, October 20, 2005

So today I went to this writing training. It was really pretty good. I learned some good stuff. There was this one lady at my table though with a total chip on her shoulder regarding the training. She stops the lady who was doing the presentation near the beginning and goes "Excuse me, I've been teaching 26 years and I wanna know if you're going to give me something I can use here." She said it in what was, to me, a rude way too. That's kind of inherently rude as it is.

Then later on she was commenting on an aspect of the training totally from a strict old school perspective that completely missed the point of what the lady was teaching us.

Then there was another lady that said "So this is going to make my kids good writers in four months?" I was thinking "Lady, you want a miracle, not a method."

Some people just have no concept of appropriateness...and they're teaching your kids.

I went up to the school this morning and went over how to stream a video off of the computer and onto the TV with the substitute. She seemed comfortable with it...I hope that went well. I also hope she gave my kids their report cards.

I've got to spend that educational money tomorrow. I think I'm going to look through all the catalogs of the vendors the school does business with and see if I can find one of those little cheapo video cameras that you can hook up to your computer. Then I want to try and build some kind of makeshift apparatus where I can suspend the camera looking down at a table and I can write or do things and they'll show up on the TV. Follow me? You can buy such an apparatus (Called an "Elmo") but it's very expensive. I was just thinking today I could probably easily make something on the cheap that does the same thing.

I'm out.


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