Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sorry, busy day Friday. Busy weekend. I just accidentally typed "busty weekend." It was definitely not a busty weekend if anyone was wondering.

Nothing really interesting happened on Friday that I can remember. That's why it stinks when I forget to do an entry on the same day though..I can never remember anything.

Oh yeah, I took those bubba teeth that someone put in my box and put them on for the kids. As my reading class was entering the room I had them in and was bent over my bag as if I was looking for something, then when they all got in and seated I turned around and said "I just want to thank you all for being good for the sub while I was at the dentist yesterday." The teeth have this fake loose tooth that wiggles really nastily (is that a word?) and is attached by fishing line. I kept flipping it and wiggling it back and forth with a look of contentment on my face. They loved it of course. I did it for the other class and when I first turned around two of the students near my desk seriously jumped in fear at first. That was my Friday fun.

I think I'm being observed by the principal tomorrow. Unfortunately, because I had such a busy week and weekend I didn't really have time to plan an awesome, bang-up lesson so I'll just have to rely on my natural charm. Yeah...I'm screwed.


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