Monday, October 31, 2005

Today the kids were really amped up. All because of Halloween. Also, today in PE/Art/Music they had a "Fall Blowout" or something like that where they had all these huge, elaborate inflatable playthings set up in the gym (slides, obstacle courses, moonwalk, etc..) and the kids just played on them the whole time. They were waiting for that ALL day. I didn't feel good today and i started losing my voice midway through the day. I've already arranged for a sub tomorrow but if I wake up and feel great in the morning I'll still go in. Not voice will probably only get worse from here.

As I said, today is Halloween so they were pretty wired. Some of the teachers showed movies and whatnot but that never really even crossed my mind honestly. I don't really "get into" Halloween anymore (although I did as a kid, big time) but I did read a kind of creepy book to the kids today. Not a horror book or a halloween book...just creepy. It was all stormy and raining and dark outside and we sat by the windows as I read them a book called The Mysteries of Harris Burdick by Chris Van Allsburg. He's the guy that did Polar Express, Jumanji, etc... Later on I'm going to have them do some stories as the person in the link above did about the pics. They're great pictures and it's a great book for jumpstarting imaginations.

Tomorrow the entire 4th grade is supposed to go to the symphony. Too bad I most likely won't be there. That'd be cool.

I hate missing a day. It's already hard enough to keep up!

Well, I'm gonna go. Trick-or-treaters will probably be here any minute.


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